Hey there!

I’m Jem!

I make healthysimple, and tasty vegan recipes for busy folks who want to eat more plants.

If you’re like me and don’t want to spend multiple hours in the kitchen, but want to eat good food and/or impress your friends and family with healthy plant-based cooking, you’re at the right place.

Whether you’re a college student learning to cook, a young professional wanting to show friends that vegan cooking isn’t all bland and boring, or just someone who wants to experiment with vegan cooking, this blog is for you.

Because really, it’s for anyone who wants to eat more plants! I’ve made it my mission to inspire people to eat more plants and more importantly, to actually enjoy the process of doing so!

What kind of recipes can I find here?

All recipes on the blog are 100% vegan and mostly made with whole real foods. You will find, among others:

Some things might sound new (e.g. making Vegan Mayo/Aioli using cashews or silken tofu, Beetroot Tartare, Crumbled Tempeh), some might be stuff you’ve heard before (e.g. Oreo overnight oats, Mac and Cheese), but I always include process shots and clear instructions so you can make the recipe without fail even if it’s your first time!

Do I have to be vegan to hang around here?

Absolutely not! This blog was created to get people to eat more plants, not exactly to get more people to go vegan!

Eating preference is very personal so why would you discourage someone from making more plant-based food just because they don’t want to go 100%? Eating plant-based 80%, 50%, or even 5% of the time instead of 0% is already something that I would celebrate with you! So let’s let go of our perfectionist tendency (something I’m constantly working on haha) and just let everyone be themselves, folks 😉😌

This blog is all about healthysimple, and tasty vegan recipes
for busy folks who want to eat more plants, regardless of whether you’re vegan!

What’s the story behind your “Pretty Produce” posts?

I’m glad you asked! When I started eating plant-based, I realized that there are sooo many types of fruits & vegetables that I have never tried before, and that some produce is just way too pretty to miss! That’s when I realized that going plant-based isn’t restrictive, but it opened up ways for me to experiment in the kitchen with all these ingredients that I didn’t even know existed.

What started as me looking out for unique fruits & vegetables at my local market turned into a project to showcase the diversity and beauty of fruits & veggies, all documented in my Pretty Produce posts! I recommend starting with this List of 25 Pink Vegetables🩷 for a fun read, or 33 Black Vegetables🖤 for some fun close-up macro shots!

What is your cooking philosophy?

Simple, healthy, plant-based (vegan) recipes that are also delicious.

  • No long list of ingredients. Or in some cases like my Mum’s Vegan Rendang, an option to simplify things like using store-bought paste instead of making things your own.
  • Whole foods-centered and refined sugar-free. I use mostly real foods (food that you can actually pronounce) and stuff like dates or maple/agave syrup as the sweetener.
  • Food with flavor. Because for healthy eating to be a lifestyle and not just a diet, the food has to taste good! Plus, we gotta nourish both our bodies and our souls. Even the cleanest diet is nullified if one’s mind is busy thinking about the food s/he ‘should’ eat and the cravings that s/he ‘can not’ have!

And if you’d like to get to know me a bit better…

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

But I’m originally from Indonesia, before I moved to Singapore for high school and then to the Netherlands for university up until now!

Education: BSc and MSc in econometrics (basically lots of math & statistics, something like data science + computer science 🧐). But I promise the only math on the blog is when measuring the ingredients!

What did you do before blogging: Data scientist 🤓 I mean, what else do you do with those degrees other than do something geeky? 🫠

Hobbies other than cooking and food photography?

I practice yoga often (I also teach yoga on the side), and I’m happy to spend weeks on a yoga retreat or to attend as many yoga-related classes/events as my body allows (my favorite being attending a chill restorative/yin class after being pushed hard in a strong power flow). Other than that, just like how some produce is seasonal, I love going to the beach in the summer and hot cups of tea on cold days. And in all seasons, I enjoy long walks, petting animals, and anything matcha! 🍵

Out of curiosity, what is your eating philosophy?

You will find 100% vegan recipes here on the blog, with plenty of recipes using mostly whole-food ingredients. But I would be lying to say that I’m 100% vegan or that I follow a strictly “whole food plant-based” diet.

I stopped eating meat in 2020 and at this point, after years of detaching myself from the ‘need’ to consume animal protein, I honestly just can’t bring myself to get back to eating meat. I don’t really like eggs and I found out when I became vegan that I’m lactose-intolerant, so consuming anything that contains dairy is always a bit of a risk every time. But sometimes, I would take the risk and eat snacks containing stuff like milk and egg powder. And if a friend cooks food for me that accidentally contains eggs/dairy, I’m still happy to eat them and just taste the love behind the cooking!

However, at the core of it all, I’m just listening to my body and myself to guide me in how to eat. So it’s also about eating intuitively and mindfully.

I don’t restrict myself (e.g. saying I cannot have processed food, or that I can only eat whole foods), but I just let my body tell me what and when to eat/stop eating, because our body knows. Easier said than done but at the end of the day, food is medicine. By eating well (without getting caught up in I cannot eat this food, I have to eat that, etc), we’re getting much closer to being well!

How did you learn to cook?

As with many people, I started cooking when I moved out for college. But I took it upon myself to learn to make really good food when I decided to eat plant-based in 2020. At that time, I thought that if I were going to stop eating animal products, I better really learn to cook so I don’t have to sacrifice on flavor.

From then on, I cooked so much until I became that kind of friend who would invite their friends over because I just wanted to cook! I also became a nutrition nerd during my first year of being vegan: I read books and watched documentaries, and I even took courses about nutrition from Coursera. All in all, I just find so much joy in learning about plant-based cooking and photographing recipes, and I’m sure there’s always something to learn every day!

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